Manage your business faster and easier than ever before

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Manage your business faster and easier than ever before
  • Track employee journey right from prospective candidate to exit easily.
  • See business insights to make better informed decisions in one convenient place.
  • Customize dashboards as per your needs. Manage vendors, clients and provide optimal support to clients to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Maintain profile, documents as well as never miss out on an event with reminders and calendar.


  • HR
    • Contracts : Create contract templates or choose from a wide range of templates. Assign and modify contracts for each staff member and store digital copies online.
    • Onboarding Checklist : Easy checklist to help you in on boarding process so nothing is missed out.
    • Exit Checklist : Unfortunately after the staff exits, maintain a checklist for proper hand over.
    • Candidates : Maintain prospective candidate profile, skill set and documents in one place for easy hiring. Setup interviews and convert to staff one a single click.
    • Online Test : Candidates can be assessed based on online tests. These tests can be easily created in the system. Test reports are represented graphically as well as candidates can be ranked according to the result.
    • Learning Portal : Your company grows as fast as your employee grow. Upload learning videos, links, podcasts or make your own content to train your employees.
    • Incident Reporting : Gather all the information when an incident has happened.Easily keep track of OH&S issues or repetitive workplace hazards occurring.
    • Staff Notes : Managers can write notes about their employees and use these during performance reviews.
  • Payroll
    • Availability : If you have contract or part time staff, they can fill up their availability which can help you to roster them.
    • Leave Request : Employee can request for leave and can attach documents as well. Managers can approve or reject the leave request. This information is pushed to payroll.
    • Travel Request : Employees can request for travel. Managers can easily approve these requests.
    • Timesheet : Employees can track time against projects and other tasks. This information is linked with payroll, performance reviews and productivity algorithms. Expenses can be tracked for reimbursements.
  • Internal
    • Profile : Staff profile has information such as personal details, bank details, contacts and documents. Based on access level, certain information can be accessed.
    • Documents : Keep all company policies at one place for easy access. Employees can upload their own documents and get automated notification if they are expiring soon.
    • News : Create internal news for everyone to see.
    • Feedback : Employees can add valuable feedback which can be tracked all in one place.
    • Messenger : Internal messenger for communication between employees. No need to send emails for everything. Message can be sent to a group and attachments can be uploaded as well.
    • Calendar : Easily create events and see all your leave and holidays in one place.
    • Fleet and Asset : Maintain all your work related equipment and vehicles in one place. Automated reports and notifications for rego and manufacturing warranty expiring. Never miss out on rego payments again.
    • Todo List : Employee can maintain their todo list and tick them off when completed.
    • Survey : Managers can create employee survey and they are notified when employees respond to them. Surveys can also be sent out to customers and represented in graphical and tabular format.
  • External
    • Support Desk : Maintain all your tickets in one place for easy access and tracking. Assign to appropriate users and track progress via emails. Clients can also upload and track their issues via the online portal.
    • Wiki : Create your own WIKI/Knowledge base and make it available for your clients to enhance user experience.
    • Vendors : Maintain your vendors in one place. Their compliance documents and other information are also linked with their profile.
    • Clients : Maintain your clients in one place. Their compliance documents and other information are also linked with their profile.
  • Projects
    • Project : Track all your ongoing projects in one place. Automated emails are used to track progress and maintain deadlines.
    • Task : Tasks can be linked with a project or can be independent. A Kanban board helps track the progress. Staff can assigned, attachments uploaded and comments can be added for a task.
    • Project Estimate : Create project estimates, quotes and share with clients digitally for approval.